An Automated Testimonial Machine
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An Automated Testimonial Machine

An Automated Testimonial Machine

By John Jantsch

Most marketers know they can benefit from customer testimonials, but the work involving acquiring these glowing marketing messages can get in the way. I’ve been using a handy tool to generate and play audio messages on websites for some time now, but I’ve recently started using this same service to automatically generate testimonials.

Here’s how it works. I send a client a link. (or post it to a web page.) When the client clicks on the link they are taken to a page that asks them to write a brief testimonial, then they are moved to a screen that gives them a toll free phone number and asks them to call and recorded a voice testimonial. The script even allows them to upload their picture to be used in a testimonial posted to a web page.

Once a client participates in the system, the act of placing their testimonial, including the audio clip, is fairly painless. Testimonials are very powerful and become even more so with images and audio to back them up.

Click this link to see how the automated testimonial machine works.

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