Ads or Articles – It’s a matter of trust

Ads or Articles – It’s a matter of trust

Ads or Articles – It’s a matter of trust

By John Jantsch

Many times when someone sees what he or she believe
Is advertising, the radar screen goes up. Immediately,
a bit of mistrust comes into play.

When they read an article that speaks about the very
same subject, often times, they begin to develop a bond
of trust with the expert who authored the piece.

In some cases there is very little difference in the
actual content, but in the eyes of the reader, the
difference is quite large.

Writing articles and submitting them to relevant
publications and web sites is one of the best long-term
marketing strategies you can adopt – online or offline.

The reason I say long-term is because you need to
stay at it for a while and be consistent. Once you do,
you will find that prospects will begin to contact you
with a different appreciation for what you have to
offer and web site traffic will begin to flow independent
of any keyword search terms.

Jim Edwards is one of the best promoters of this
strategy and is a “practice what you preach” kind of
guy. He has created an entire library of products and I
heartily recommend that you check out Turn Words
Into Traffic

Turn Words Into Traffic will give you all the tools
you need to properly implement an article expert
strategy either online of off.

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