A Little PR Tip

One of the ways to get more PR is to get some PR.

Press mentions, even little ones, tend to build PR momentum for you. If you are just getting started using PR as a lead generation tool you can’t expect to land the big feature story you are after right out of the gate. Think of journalists as a target market. Take some time to understand what they write about, read what they cover, and find ways to gently begin to educate your targeted journalists by becoming a resource to them for your industry or subject.

Send them easily digestible, immediately usable packets of information that you know will be of interest to their readers. Don’t sell – let them buy. Keep at it on at least a monthly basis. Do this for about six months and you will notice that you are starting to receive calls from journalists in need of a quote. Then the table may be set to start the conversations about the big feature article!


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