A Fox In the Logs

You’ve got to love a good underdog story. Well, they don’t get much
bigger than Godzilla vs Mozilla (Firefox) I’ve been seeing a lot of folks
hitting my site with the Firefox Browser and I’ve been having fun playing
with it myself.

The coolest feature (although I’m sure power users will laugh) is the
tabbed pages feature. You can open 5 or 6 web pages and it sets them
up like file tabs so you can jump back and forth.

So I guess I’ve officially joined the Spread Firefox – Igniting the web
movement. Want to know more! Look at what PCWorld said today.

Firefox owns 5% of the browser market.


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  1. I switched to Fire Fox because my Microsoft Browser took weeks to recognize changes made to my website. I am on a campaign to encourage everyone who visits my site to consider changing to Godzilla.

  2. Glad to hear you’ve switched, John! The web is now a safer place. I’ve been using Firefox since v0.6 over a year ago now and wouldn’t trade it for anything. And from someone who considers himself a power-user, one of its best features is tabbed browsing.

    As I program, I constantly have a dozen or more pages loaded, each telling me something different. With the page programmed with the correct title tag, I can quickly look at the tabs and see what needs my attention and what is acting correctly. It’s a huge time saver.

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