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Transcript of Should Chatbots Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Transcript provided by Verbatim Transcription Services Back to Podcast Transcript John: The bots are coming and they will take no prisoners. Today we’re going to talk about chat bots with Ben Beck on this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. This is a topic you need to tune in for. This episode of the […]

Should Chatbots Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Podcast with Ben Beck Podcast Transcript You know the topic of bots is a hot one when the Internet marketing crowd starts selling courses on making millions with chatbots! But, there’s reason for small business owners to start paying attention to this category as it’s probably here to stay. Facebook is pushing bots in messenger […]

What’s A Blog Times 9?

I have created what may be the worlds first Blog Channel here at Duct Tape Marketing. The Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel is tightly integrated group 9 very specific niche small business topic blogs woven around the entire small business marketing picture -a blog times 9. A small business expert noted for their topic authors […]

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Nicole Croizier

Nicole Croizier is both a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and a Martha Beck trained Life Coach. She combines her expertise in marketing with life and equus coaching to help frustrated coaches, solopreneurs and small business owners with soul love what they do again. In addition to marketing strategy coaching, she offers three main […]

Are You Building a Job or an Asset?

Many of the business owners I’ve worked with and spoken with over the years have deluded themselves into believing they actually have a business. True, their business card and tax return might say business owner, but far too often what they’ve created is a job – and is some cases, not a very attractive job. […]

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Why You Need a People Bucket List

In all likelihood you’re familiar with the term “bucket list” made extremely popular from the 2007 Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson film by the same name. I hear this concept, making a list of all the things you want to do before you die, tossed around in entrepreneurial circles frequently and it occurred to me that […]

How Do You Keep Your Vision Alive

Marketing podcast with Martha Beck It’s a tough enough thing to scratch out a vision for your business and perhaps even tougher to keep it alive. As the owner of a business you’re expected to create the vision, impart it on the troops and hold them accountable for bringing it to reality. But who does […]

Why Playing It Safe May Be the Riskiest Path of All

Marketing podcast with Randy Gage Back when I started my own business, some twenty-five years ago, I was a bit of rebel. I was taking a leap and doing something that many considered terribly risky. Well, the game has changed dramatically since then and now not starting a business, not figuring out how to be […]

Finding Your Way In the Wild New World

Marketing podcast with Martha Beck (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download – Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device. The way that many people still think about work has its roots in the Industrial Revolution where workers were told to go to a place at a certain […]