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5 Reasons to Use the New Twitter List Feature

5 Reasons to Use the New Twitter List Feature

By John Jantsch

Twitter added a new feature recently called Lists. I have to admit, at first I thought this was no big deal. I use desktop twitter clients like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop to create groups and lists already, so what’s the big deal.

Once I started playing around with Twitter’s List feature I quickly became hooked and think there are some great reasons you could too. Check out this list of Small Business Experts – you can monitor the entire group with one click!

Quick overview of twitter lists

Any Twitter user can create a list and add anyone that tweets publicly to it. Once you create and name a list you can simply search for people to add using Twitter people search (once you find someone you want to add you simply click on the list button next to them and choose the list), or 3rd party search applications like Twellow or TweepSearch

5 Reasons to Use New the Twitter List Feature

1) Monitor without following – one of the things I like is that you can monitor a group of individuals in a list without having to follow any of the folks on the list on twitter. You may actually want to follow people you find on a list, but you may also want to monitor industry niche lists for a week or two while you’re pitching a new client in that industry. You can delete a list very easily, deleting hundreds of followers is harder.

2) One button list follow – the fact that you can find a list and follow the entire collection with one button makes it very easy to manage. I think this may become the chosen way to find people to follow. If someone you trust tells you about a list of people you should be following and all you have to do is hit one button to do so, you’re probably going to do it. I predict this feature is going to dramtically impact how people follow.

3) Promote your lists – this is such a great way for a group of people to promote each other on Twitter. You can promote your clients, your suppliers, your referral lunch group, you name it. Think about how great it would be to promote an event where you could follow all the speakers prior to the event, or what about all the attendees. You could create a list from sign-up details. In fact, what a great way to create collections of twitter folks that your employees should follow or even employee lists. The fact that it is so easy for people to follow a list by going to a URL – and that list can be edited by the owner at will, means a lot.

4) Filtered by an expert – Every business should consider creating a handful of Top 10 “fill in your narrow niche” to follow on twitter. By being the one that filters and creates easily sharable industry specific lists, you can add to your own credibility in the industry. (Did I mention you can add yourself to a list you create?)

5) Build a bigger following – Many of the ideas I mentioned above will naturally help you grow your own following. Creating a handful of useful list and promoting those lists in public places and to the members on the list will raise your exposure and lead to more follower.

Check out this list of Small Business Experts – you can monitor the entire group with one click!

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