Marketing Tactics Tips and Ideas you can do right now

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Rev Up Your Marketing

In this no frills session John Jantsch reveals 10 tactics any business can employ today to start getting more from their marketing. Each tactic includes an explanation of the precise action steps and tools needed to make it happen.

During the online seminar, we introduced The Ultimate Marketing System – a complete online video, audio, workbook and forms training program designed to guide any business through the process of building a marketing action plan and implementing a marketing system.

There truly is nothing like this available through any other source.

To launch the program we made a very exciting offer during the session – skip to the end to hear it or find out more information when you click here.

Here are the 10 challenges presented in the session above:
  • Challenge #1: Build relationships with 5 journalists
  • Challenge #2: Get 25% more newsletter subscribers
  • Challenge #3: Amplify your content in 5 ways
  • Challenge #4: Get 25 more links back to your site
  • Challenge #5: Interview 5 of your best customers
  • Challenge #6: Create 2 social customer lists
  • Challenge #7: Review results with 5 customers
  • Challenge #8: Get 5 strategic partners
  • Challenge #9: Run 1 AdWords Social Test
  • Challenge #10: Generate 10 customer testimonials